At QWC we believe that in this environment, risk anticipation is the essence to success.



Our Financial Advisory practice includes a broad range of services, focused on providing financial and strategic solutions to support our clients in delivering additional levels of value to their shareholders and other stakeholders.

The search for the right drivers of value creation are complex and subject to constantly evolving variables, such as market adjustments and innovation breakthroughs that add to the unique operating conditions of each company. Several strategic options, such as mergers, acquisitions, fundraising through the sale of debt or equity, divestments or debt restructuring are complex to implement and require both expertise and impartial advise.

Our team marries years of transaction based experience to a thorough understanding of our core markets, so we can always support our clients when travelling through the mist of uncertainty.



The world is becoming an increasingly complex and multi-dimensional space. Despite our unprecedented access to information, many of the most important forces that affect our lives and our day to day activities can become incredibly challenging to follow, let alone understand.

Analysing and managing credit is an intricate process that requires a broad set of skills. The traditional approach to the role of credit has been challenged since 2007, and even further in recent years.

Our Credit Monitoring Solutions practice brings a pro-active approach to the different classes of credit portfolios, with new analytical and predictive frameworks, to anticipate events and mobilize resources in solution focused work streams.



Our brokerage & asset management practices are fully dedicated teams, acting independently from our other lines of services. Our brokerage company is focused on Angola and in the inception of the local capital markets. Our asset management practice specialises in real assets, comprising real estate funds, private equity and special situation funds. Both business lines are segregated.

In frontier and emerging markets, capital markets are often still under development and offer a limited range of available assets, which undermines the right risk mitigation approach. Real assets are by consequence the true resorts of business opportunities and value creation for investors.

Our expertise in both these areas is supported by several years of experience in managing real assets and incorporating funds in our core markets. We understand the idiosyncrasies of these markets, but also the rules of engagement of the asset management industry and the world’s most preeminent investors and limited partners.

Track record

We cover a broad range of industries and markets. We combine experience in investment banking, management consultancy, asset management, private equity, capital markets, and sustainable investment.

Track record


Combined experience in over 130 deals in 26 different industries, mainly in Infrastructure, Banking & Finance, Power & Utilities and Construction. Alos relevant experience in Airlines & Transport, Health & Pharma, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Retail and TMT.

Track record


Primarily Portuguese speaking countries: Portugal (60+ deals), Angola (30) and Mozambique (10). The team also has experience in  Spain, France, UK, Poland, UAE, USA, LatAm Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau.

Track record

Transaction type

Particularly strong background in investment banking, asset management and management consultancy. Track record includes 30+ M&A transactions, 10 Principal Equity Investments, 11 deals in Financial Advisory, Debt Advisory and Syndicated Loans as well as an array of international IPO Placements.

Track record

Deal value

Our team has been exposed to more that USD 20bn of total deal value, of which USD 10bn in Infrastructure and USD 4.2bn in Power & Utilities.